Wednesday, February 1, 2012


OK, We hear ya - people love Pitter Patter! 
It is very heart warming to see that there are so many fans of these daily doses of pit bull talk, but in order to keep going, we need your help! 
Here is how you can save Pitter Patter:


Please submit your cute pit bull pictures, kids drawings, cartoons, funny poems and short video clips to:

Be sure that you own the content or have express permission to submit it. Please submit uncropped, original photos. You may suggest captions for your pics or let our in house pit bulls have a go at it. All content should be Rated "G" and not display any abuse or mistreatment of animals. Once submitted to Pitter Patter, photographers/dog owners acknowledge and accept PBRC's right to use submitted photos on Pitter Patter or any of PBRC's affiliate web sites. Photographers/dog owners acknowledge and accept no monetary reimbursement for use of said photos. Content may be edited. Due to content, clarity, and/or volume of submissions, not all content may be used. Special note regarding professional photos: Photos produced by professional photographers are copyrighted and should be submitted only by the photographer with their express permission that copyright and watermarks made need to be altered or removed for space and clarity. It is best that photographers submit these photos directly so that we may verify permission for their use.


  1. I had no idea you were short on cute pitty pics!! Wilbur is sorting through his album right now so look out!!!

  2. Yayy, you're staying! I just sent you six pictures of my ridiculous pitties... I have more ridiculous, hilarious pictures of them then I know what to do with. Hope it helps!

  3. YAY!! Thank goodness!!! Love you! Love you! Slobbery pittie kisses for you from all my crazy Pitter Patter Rock Stars Haleigh Anne, Greighson, Abbey and LuLu. xoxoxo

  4. I just sent a bunch, sorry for the overkill :) I love my daily dose of cute pups!!! Thanks for doing it and keeping it going :)

  5. Working on sending you a bunch!